Private Sector Cleaning

Achieving success through teamwork, producing and implementing resourceful new ideas and demonstrating reliability to clients are the foundations that every business should possess to survive in today’s tough business environment. Similar to all private sector businesses that strive to implement these principles in their everyday business operations, Greenique Cleaning Services also employs these qualities to its cleaning services.

We are proud to say that our private sector clients are fully satisfied with our extensive range of cleaning services. We collaborate with partnering contractors to provide tailored cleaning services that meet specific private sector needs. In this way, clients can be sure that they will take full advantage of complete, quality-controlled cleaning and exceptional additional services, which can help them to avoid handling several cleaning contracts.

We are flexible in providing cleaning services and we always keep in pace with changes that often arise unpredictably in today’s business world. We understand that different clients have different cleaning requirements. We always ask our clients to give us their cleaning requests to ensure that we meet their needs.

We assign our area managers to conduct regular on-site visits to ensure that our cleaning operatives deliver high quality cleaning that clients expect. In case there are some issues related to our services, clients can directly contact our area managers so the issues can be resolved immediately. Even though we keep finding ways to give more value to clients, we are always open to feedback from clients.

With our well-developed management practices and contract structures, we can accommodate almost any specific cleaning demand while always delivering great value to clients. Greenique Cleaning Services has high contract renewal rate and that is a proof that our clients are satisfied with our high quality cleaning results and exceptional value.

About Greenique Cleaning Services

Greenique Cleaning Services is contract cleaning company committed to providing environmentally-friendly cleaning services to small and big offices.

We are aware that office managers and staff in many businesses are swamped with important tasks. Performing the time-consuming task of cleaning the workplace or worrying about it may decrease their productivity. The constant demand of office cleaning is best outsourced to a reputable commercial cleaning company, and it’s where our company performs best. What you want is a clean workplace that will allow your staff to perform without distraction, and our cleaning operatives will take care of the cleaning job.

Whether you have a small or a big business, Greenique Cleaning Services has cleaning operatives that are fully trained to deliver outstanding commercial cleaning service. Our goal is to make your workplace a comfortable space while keeping your staff and the environment free from harm. To achieve this goal, we make sure that we only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products at no extra cost.

We value our customers, so we provide them with:

Peace of Mind

  • We offer fully insured contract cleaning service of £5 million
  • We meet the standard and follow the regulation and requirements set by TUPE
  • We conduct screening, checking and training on all our cleaning operatives to meet customer expectations
Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Services

  • We only use products that are environmentally-friendly
  • We help you contribute to the preservation of the environment
Financial Considerations

  • We perform free building surveys particularly tailored to your needs
  • Our rates our highly competitive
  • We provide relief cover for our cleaning staff so you won’t to cover holiday or sickness
Health & Safety / Risk Assessments / C.O.S.H.H

  • Our cleaning operatives are provided with extensive training in all areas regarding Health & Safety/Risk Assessments/C.O.S.H.H in your workplace
  • We make sure that our electrical equipment are PAT tested yearly or whenever necessary to ensure workplace safety
  • All our cleaning operatives underwent full training to complete cleaning tasks with outstanding results
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