Health and Safety Policy

This policy is to provide and preserve healthy and safe working conditions, systems and equipment for all our employees, and to provide our employees with necessary supervision, training and information related to this purpose.

We review the policy and its implementation periodically to ensure that the policy is relevant and account for changes in the size and nature of our business.

The following is the policy of Greenique Cleaning Services:

  • To provide appropriate control of the safety and health risks that might arise from our business activities
  • To discuss with our employees on things that affect their safety and health
  • To provide and preserve safe equipment and plant
  • To make sure safe use and handling of cleaning substances
  • To provide supervision, instruction and information for employees
  • To make sure that employees have the competencies to perform their tasks, and to provide them with necessary training
  • To avert accidents and other issues that can lead to illness
  • To preserve healthy and safe working conditions

We also take responsibility if our business activities affect the safety and health of other people.
The delegation of tasks for safety issues and the particular plans that we will create to realise the policy can be found in the full policy document that is kept in our head office.

Greenique Cleaning Services: COSHH Policy

As you might have known, COSHH refers to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

Greenique Cleaning Services demands that all cleaning materials must meet the approved standards and the suppliers must supply complete safety data sheets for each cleaning material.

We do not allow our employees to use any cleaning material unless they have obtained required training and are informed about the COSHH regulations. Every employee has the responsibility to ensure the compliance of COSHH regulations. As stated in our training policy, we always provide our employees with either updated or new COSHH data information. We oblige our managers to make sure that every employee using cleaning materials that might be risky to health is fully informed about COSHH regulations.

Besides adhering to the supplied COSHH data sheet, materials storage and handling will also adhere to any specific instructions from the manufacturers.

Equipment and Plant

Greenique Cleaning Services uses new equipment and machinery using the latest technology and verified reliability that is appropriate with British Standards. We inspect electrical equipment regularly and ensure that it is in compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

Our supervisors and managers always carefully monitor the condition of equipment and plant. In case of failure or breakdown, the equipment will be fixed by our competent supplier or replaced from reserves intended for such incident.

As outlined in our training policy, we ensure that all employees who use equipment and plant have obtained required training in its maintenance, storage and use requirements. These procedures are created to make sure that the rates of equipment failure are at a minimum level, and if a breakdown takes place, it only gives minor interruption to the cleaning program.

About Greenique Cleaning Services

Greenique Cleaning Services is an environmentally friendly contract cleaning company servicing businesses of all sizes.

With the ever-increasing demands of the workplace cleaning is one of those things you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about – in fact; most of us would go out of our way to avoid it. After all, all you really want is a clean place of work at a reasonable price.

No matter how big or small your business, Greenique Cleaning Services delivers a professional commercial cleaning service, with motivated cleaners and the chance to do your bit for the environment too – all at no extra cost.

We provide our clients with:

Peace of Mind

  • Fully insured contract cleaning service of £5 million
  • All TUPE regulation and requirements followed ensuring swift contract commencement
  • All cleaning operatives are screened, checked and trained to meet customer expectations
Environmentally Friendly

  • Only environmentally friendly cleaning products used
  • Doing you bit for the environment
Financial Considerations

  • Free building surveys tailored to your needs
  • Competitive rates
  • No holiday or sickness cover required as relief cover is provided by Greenique Cleaning Services
Health & Safety / Risk Assessments / C.O.S.H.H

  • All cleaning operatives are fully trained in all areas involving to Health & Safety / C.O.S.H.H in your workplace
  • All COSHH documentation provided for your viewing
  • All electrical equipment PAT tested each year for workplace safety
  • All cleaning operatives are fully trained
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