Environmental Policy

Greenique Cleaning Services is a contract cleaning company that provides clients with many different cleaning solutions. We fully understand that environmental matters are part of a good business management and we ensure that all our business decisions always prioritise pollution prevention and environmental protection.

We strive our best to meet the following goals:

  • To make sure that environmental impacts are controlled and minimised
  • To make sure that our client complies with all valid industry codes of practice, regulation, legislation and other related requirements which share our environmental aspects
  • We will publicise the new environmental policy on our client’s notice boards. Upon request, we are also able to provide external parties with the environmental policy through the Integrated Systems Manager
  • We will provide our client with the achievement and setting of their environmental targets and objectives. We will also publicise those targets and objectives internally by posting the document in client’s notice boards
  • We will create services that are safe for their expected use and have low environmental impact. In creating the services, we always consider natural resource consumption, waste management, spillage prevention and the implementation of energy efficiency methods
  • We will perform and support evaluation on the environmental impacts of the new services before starting a new project or activity. We also provide suggestions whenever necessary to make sure that the new services have low environmental footprint
  • We will collaborate with contractors and suppliers to lower the environmental impacts from their business operations
  • We will promote openness and discussion with employees and related parties, foreseeing and addressing to their questions about potential risks and impacts of services, wastes, products and operations
  • We will appraise the environmental performance of our client by performing regular environmental audits and evaluations of compliance with the policy statement, legal and requirements of our client

About Greenique Cleaning Services

Greenique Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning provider that serves both small and large businesses. We are an environmentally-friendly company with a highly trained staff that will customise cleaning according to the type and size of your facility.

We understand that you and your staff need to focus on your business to maintain productivity, and not to be bothered by the ever-increasing demands of cleaning your workplace. What you need most is a tidy and clean workplace without having to spend much, and we are in the industry to take care of that.

Regardless of the size and type of your workplace, Greenique Cleaning Services guarantees to deliver quality commercial cleaning service for a hygienic and conducive workplace while retaining our environmentally-friendly objective. With our services, we ensure that you and your staff can enjoy the comfort of working in a disinfected and sanitised workplace with the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products and equipment at no extra cost.

With extensive experience, we provide:

Peace of Mind for Our Clients

  • Our contract cleaning service is fully insured at £5 million
  • We follow all the regulation and requirements of TUPE to ensure swift commencement of contract
  • We screen, check, and train all our cleaning operatives to meet our customers’ expectations
Environmentally-Friendly Services

  • We make sure that we only use environmentally-friendly products
  • We do you bit for the environment
Financial Considerations

  • We offer free building surveys specifically tailored to your needs
  • We offer competitive rates
  • Our customers don’t cover holiday or sickness for our cleaners since
  • Greenique Cleaning Services provides relief cover
Health & Safety / Risk Assessments / C.O.S.H.H

  • All our cleaning operatives underwent up-to-date full training in all areas that involve Health & Safety/C.O.S.H.H in your area
  • All our cleaning operatives are fully trained
  • We provide you with all C.O.S.H.H documentation
  • All our electrical equipment is PAT tested annually to ensure safety of your space
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